Anyone purchase on Ruelala recently ?

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  1. I have two co-workers that purchased bags on Ruelala a few weeks ago. One was a damier Nf Mm and the other was the artsy in the leather neige
    Their purchase prices were around $450..
    Definitely wondering if these are fake.

    I noticed that they are having a sale again tomorrow
    Thoughts ?
  2. I purchased a preloved epi agenda pm recently from Rue La La. It was a good price and in excellent condition. They do not include the necessary pictures to get the items authenticated prior to purchase, and there are no returns. The agenda came with an authenticity card, but I took it into LV to be sure (and had it hotstamped). I got a really good deal on the agenda, but I would likely not buy a more expensive item from them. With no returns, you want to have peace of mind prior to purchase. The lack of pictures (no date code, no made in stamp, etc) really makes me hesitate on the more expensive items.
  3. While it wasn't a bag, I did recently order a pair of Givenchy sunglasses from them. I just got them today and they sent me the wrong pair!! I don't know if they posted the wrong product photo or what happened but after reading other people's complaints apparently this isn't all that uncommon :/
  4. Exactly the reason I stay far far away from them. If they were legit, they would offer returns like all the other reputible sellers.
  5. Isn't Rue la la like a flash website. I thought they allow returns on some items and then some are final sale..but even final sale items you could prob return if you didn't get what was pictured of if they sent you a fake item that was advertised as authentic.