Anyone purchase new britt med

Loft Lady

Mar 17, 2006
Does anyone has photos of the new britt med tote in black leather? If you can post photos and comments on the bag. I purchased during the recent sale and having second thoughts on my purchase. I still have not received it yet ...its on its way..


Nov 19, 2007

Sorry, I don't have any pics yet but just wanted to say that mine just arrived yesterday and... I LOVE IT!!!!:yahoo:

I missed the presale and basically bought this because it was a good deal out of what was left. I actually didn't even care if they cancelled this or not. (That's how much I was on the fence about it.) However, from the time I opened the box, I've completely fallen in love with it!!

The inside is lined with a nice red, cream and green striped material. The strap sits nicely on the shoulder. It's very comfy! Oh and there is way more room than what I was expecting. I was also concerned about the shape because they coupled that cresent style zip on a more boxy shape, while I prefered a more triangular shape. However, it looks fantastic on! I love the way the leather makes it lay.

It really looks like a great versatile purse that goes with anything and can be used every day. Overall, I am very very pleased. I can't believe I was thinking about canceling this one!!

Hope you are as happy with it as I am!!


Nov 18, 2007
I order this as well. I will post pictures under the Nov. sales- post your pictures thread later today. I love it. I think it hangs nicely and fits on my shoulder well. I also found the new brit tote in white that I'm thinking of getting. But, I really like this bag!