Anyone purchase from Indonesia before??

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  1. I am wondering the shipping time..

    I purchased it from one of TPF member and she said it was shipped last wednesday by EMS... but now is already tuesday here... and i still havent got the tracking no..

    a bit worry.
  2. Have you contacted her about it?
  3. yes emailed her a few times ( almost everyday) she said she will give it to me the next day.. then weekend.. then monday.. now is already tuesday.. I dont want to be too pushy. but i really want the tracking no..
  4. Doesn't seem like she mailed it. Maybe she's taking her time to bid her last few farewells to her bag or whatever item. You're in NZ, shouldn't take more than a week to receive it by EMS. If you paid by Paypal you can try opening a dispute to hurry her up, otherwise she might take her time.
  5. it is actually a trade.. no paypal involved.. she has excellent feedback on ebay.. maybe i am just too worry.. but the no tracking no thing is really bother me a lot.
  6. Yikes! That's pretty scary! It sounds like she may be giving you the run around! I sure hope not, tho! What's her deal? Why is she taking so long?
  7. i am very worry and waiting.. for the answer

    I shipped out my bag last tuesday and gave her tracking on same day while she told me she shipped the bag on wednesday.. but still havent manage to give me the tracking... I want to be nice as we both are TPF member and i dont want to make it sounds pushy.. what should i do?
  8. have you tried her on TPF? is she an experienced TPFer or a newbie (like me :P)
  9. So this was a non-monetary exchange? I guess you can only resort to mail correspondences, falling short of taking a personal trip there and show up at her doorstep. One reason ebay/paypal is safer than this exchange.. :Push:
  10. I contacted her on both way. hope to get a reply soon. I suppose to get the tracking yesterday but nothing happen. but she said the bag should arrive on wednesday.. or today.. ( but nothing today) i just want to get some control.. am i too pushy? or rude?
  11. How did you set up this trade? Through MP or Ebay?
  12. Mp
  13. ohhh ... so it was set up through TPF market place? Maybe she is away at the moment or something?
  14. i hope.. she told me she was out of town and will give me tracking on monday.. but nothing happen.. i sent her another 2 email.. i hope to get it.. today? .. at least i know where is my item..
  15. I don't think you are being too pushy. You have the right to know what's going on because it has been nearly a week. Hope you'll get a reply soon!