Anyone purchase from

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  1. I was thinking of getting a scarf ring on (I regret not buying it last weekend in SF). Has anyone bought anything from the website? How is their customer service?

  2. I've bought my shawl recently on (the French division) and the lady I talked to was extremely helpful.

    She even looked in other stock for the shawl I wanted.
  3. i've ordered twillys from and didn't have any problems, they arrived in their cute boxes with the ribbon!
  4. Clicking that link was the first time I got my browser to go to the US site! Even typing in gets me to the French site. Thanks!

    I noticed that the US site offers different products from the France site...
  5. What about the site in France...any better? What is different for sale on there?
  6. I am interested to know this too. I am not able to view the French site despite numerous attempts to get in.
  7. And the US site has that supercute rocking horse! :yes:
  8. I bought my scarf at the, got it in two days. no hassle. Thats why I prefer to shop on line. I wish they would add more of their items to the web. I been looking at this website for the past 5 or so years, they have added somemore items since then. :upsidedown:
  9. I tried to put in my order but somehow did not get a confirmation of my order. I called their 1-800 number and CS were very nice about checking my order. Later on in the afternoon I got a call from someone saying that the reason why my order didn't go through was because they were out of stock on the scarf rings and had to transfer them in from a store. I asked her how long it would take and she said hopefully by Monday she'll get it and would upgrade me to overnight shipping! Now that's what I call good service! :yahoo: