Anyone purchase Fendi spy hobo from Bluefly before?

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  1. Anyone purchase Fendi spy hobo from Bluefly before? I bought a few bags from them before and they're always authentic (back then). But now I heard all the Balenciaga bags they posted this morning were fake, I'm thinking twice about this Fendi spy hobo that I have in my shopping cart right now. What do you guys think? Is it authentic? Should I buy it and see then?

    Fendi spy hobo.jpg
  2. Its up to you to decide, but I say don't do it.

    All the threads today have got me really nervous about bluefly. I was reading something about how you might accidentally get a fake if someone did a switcheroo and returned one.

    That's too scary. IMO

    I didnt even know they sell returns online. I thought they sent it back to the manufacturer or something
  3. I'm scare too now... :cry:
  4. Ok I decided to let this one go and buy a Gucci wallet instead. :lol:
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