Anyone purchase comic book keyfob?

  1. I was wondering did anyone purchase the comic book keyfob? It's really cute, if I buy it do you think it's going to make my Coach bags stand out? :confused1: I've never seen anyone w/ this charm on their bag yet.
    coach comic charm.jpg
  2. Here is mine on my white soho hobo and my white ali;)
    I think it totally stands out:okay:
    Ebay Pics 364.jpg Ebay Pics 374.jpg
  3. OMG, sooo cute, do they still sell it in coach stores? I don't see it on the website!
    Thanks for sharing the photos!:heart:
  4. They arent in the stores anymore, but your local outlet may still have some or you could try eBay.
  5. You could also try getting the item number out of the reference library and call Coach directly to see if JAX has any in the warehouse. Sometimes they do even though they aren't on the website anymore. Though I don't know if that's still the case after stuff has been sent to the outlets.

    I have this keyfob and love it. It's super cute and I would definitely recommend it. :smile:
  6. I love my comic fob!
    I purchased mine off eBay - they haven't been replicated and be prepared to pay twice the retail price - but it's nice and big and bright and soooo cute! :graucho:
  7. Unfortunately, my outlet never got any so I've been scouring eBay for one. I think it would look great on my white Ali. Ranskimmie's looks soooo great!
  8. It's super cute on yer bag Kimmie =)

  9. Actually, they're going for less than retail -- I saw some completed auctions for less than $50. Retail on this was $98!
  10. Oh, do you have the auction website/info I need to get one! I called my local coach outlet, they don't carry them!
  11. Do an Ebay search for "Coach comic". There are about 6 on there now...some with BIN for less than retail. Good luck!
  12. Ranskimmie, I love the comic book keyfob on your purse because it adds a cute splash of colour.

  13. Oops! I meant that honest! :rolleyes: I was looking at my new moon fob and those were MUCH less than the comic one! Sorry. Yeah - I didn't pay $200 for a comic fob....:graucho: I think I grabbed mine for like $70 at the time....:p
  14. i had one that i got from coach for 98 and called my outlet and did a charge hold for 39, rented a car for about 40 just to go get it and i still saved 20 bucks!!!
  15. i want one but i dont know where to looK

    i want to try the outlets but i dunno if any would still have them

    katrynar what outlet did you go to woodbury?

    also can anyone give me an item # :smile: thanks!