Anyone purchase acrylic base for Neverfull that doesn't fit?

  1. Hi! I was wondering if anyone else had this problem ... I purchased the acrylic base from that eBay seller for my MM Neverfull, and it doesn't fit at all. :shrugs: I don't think she sent me the GM size b/c it's only a *tad* too big, and one whole side won't fit under the lip of the base of the bag no matter how I shove it. I wrote the seller and hopefully we will work this out, but I was just wondering if I'm the only one this has happened to with the acrylic base. Why did LV make the bottom of the bags with that thick uneven lip????

    Incidentally, I also ordered the "leather" cardboard base from a different eBay seller, and it does fit completely under the lip of the bottom of my MM bag -- however the same leather base did *not* fit in the base of my friend's MM bag -- so is there some variation on the bottom of these bags?????

  2. Certainly sounds like their is a variation. I have only gotten the faux leather bottom shapers from the Ebay seller for my speedy and it fits one speedy better than another speedy (same size but different collection) I have not tried the acrylic bases, I thought it might be to hard on the lining and canvas. Let us know if the seller allows you to return it or at least offers a replacement to see if the replacment works better for your bag. Good luck!
  3. How do you like the "leather" cardboard base? I ordered one from ebay, and am waiting anxiously for it to arrive. I like Speedy sag, but not the sag on my Neverfull MM, and am hoping that the leather base will be as awesome as it sounds. What do you think of yours? Thanks for the info!!
  4. Uh oh. I just purchased an acrylic base for my Neverfull too but it didn't arrive yet. I opted for the acrylic base instead of the "leather" one because I bought a "leather" one for my Azur speedy and it was too big. I hope the acrylic one will fit into my Neverfull or I'll be really sad. :sad:
  5. Thanks so much for all the responses! To answer all of your questions, the Seller is allowing me to return the base shaper, though I'm not 100% sure I'm going to get shipping costs (both to me, and back to her) refunded -- I need to confirm this with her. I'm happy with the way this has been dealt with, so that part is good.

    As for the other base shaper, I really like the "leather" shaper... fits great and I actually prefer the look of it inside the bag. It matches very well and almost looks like it was meant to be in there. I originally wanted the waterproof protection of the acrylic, but the leather one does look nicer once it's in the bag.

    missyanne -- post when you get your acrylic base, I'm curious how it fits your bag. What size Neverfull do you have?

    Agaim, thanks for responding.
  6. I have the acrylic base for my Speedy 30 and my Neverfull bags (GM and MM). They both fit perfectly! My friend has the fake leather in her Neverfull and while you don't really see it I prefer the clear. I don't love the idea of another color vinyl that doesn't match my LV bag exactly. I"ve had mine since the summer and it has really helped to keep the bag super clean. Also it hasn't harmed the lining at all.
    My friend has the MM shaper (in fake leather) and it doesn't fit her bag as well as mine does so maybe there is something to your theory that the insides differ in size slightly.
    Keep us posted!