Anyone purchase a Skinny Tote #37295?

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  1. I'm considering this bag during the PCE. Its simple, classic & seems to have good organizational features. Using it for everyday items that I carry in my handbag, not work stuff. The description on Coach doesn't indicate the strap drop & I'm wondering I'd its easy to get on off shoulder. I've never owned a tote style bag (closest thing would be my Boroughs, which I love). I wonder if I'll feel its too much bag for me, particularly the north/south length.

    If anyone has one, would be curious as to your thoughts. Thanks!
  2. Its very nice. Saw it a few weeks ago. Very easy to get off and off shoulders.

  3. It is amazing! As previously stated it is very easy to get on/off shoulder and is just a stunning bag. What color are you thinking??
  4. Agreed. Tried it on and it's great. Not bulky and compartmentalized. This is also on my list for PCE in the saddle color. *weeps for my bank account*

  5. Nice. I got the slate/cornflower. I love a lighter color interior and this one was calling my name! Yay for pce!!
  6. I love the cornflower
  7. Thank you ladies! I'm thinking about Smoke or Tabac. I'll let you know what I decide!
  8. I thought about getting this one and still am. Would love to hear what some of you think of it.
  9. Went to my local store today and they had both colors I am considering (tabac & smoke). I ended up doing a pre-sale on the tabac (I don't have any bags that color) and a hold on the smoke. They are super comfy and the straps are adjustable. They come on and off shoulder easily and at least during the brief time in the store, the one didn't flop off my shoulder like some tote handles do. In addition, the slim profile of this bag really makes it easy to carry and keep close. There are three main sections and the center section snaps. Inside the center section there is a smaller snap section that I would put my phone. There is also a very small pocket on the one side's interior that I would think could hold some business cards or something like that..unsure (I wouldn't use it). All leather lined interior. Very well done. The 30% off makes it an easier price point to "justify" :smile:
  10. I love this bag! I just wish Coach put the drop-length of the straps on the Web site.
  11. I will measure tomorrow night after I pick it up. Like I mentioned, they are adjustable with many holes (so at least a couple inches). Agree though, Coach needs to do a better job with details & pics.
  12. #12 Mar 9, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2016

    Thanks, I would appreciate that! :smile: I need at least 9 inches, and I won't be able to see the tote until Sunday.
  13. Thanks! Sounds great!
  14. Hi! I'm at the store. Has at least 9, if not 10!
  15. Just came back from a boutique. The bag looks lovely in person and the straps should be easy to wear over your shoulder however I thought they looked really skinny and might be uncomfortable. I didn't try it myself though.
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