Anyone purchase a bag and not use it to pass on to daughter in future?

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  1. Just curious.....I purchased a brand new Cerises Pochette from Saks last year (one of the last ones in stock). I purchased it with the intent on giving it to my daughter when she turns 18 or even 21. So it is sitting in the dust bag and box, just waiting to be used. Is this silly? Has anyone else done this? I feel a bit glutonous (sorry for the spelling; pain killer for broken ankle plus message boards do not mix well) for spending over $400 for a bag that will not see the light of day for 14 years. Is it silly? Honest opinions, please. :s
  2. ummm... I think YOU should come before your daughter or bag. If you're not happy with the bag, then sell it, and it's not necessary to wait, worry and then give it to your daughter in the future. I mean, come on, there are going to be "better" bags or other things that will be "in" that your daughter may obssess about. In short, I think YOU need instant gratification, whatever it may be to satisfy you.
  3. Sell it, if it doesn't sit well with you....
    No use having something in your closet, if you could find something else you would use instead!
  4. Well I think if you buy a bag and use it and keep it in amazing condition then it's normal to save for a daughter rather then sell it.

    My mom saved me a nice Gucci clutch that my dad gave her around the time I was born. Funny, she saved it because she had no use for designer bags. The total opposite of her daughter. Your daughter might not have a use for designer bags either and then you had a bag collecting dust for 14 years.
  5. i started a thread just like this one a couple of weeks ago. i guess great minds think alike, lol. well i decided to keep my mono mizi and damier ribera for my daughters so i could give it to them when they get in highschool.
  6. I think your daughter will appreciate it =)

    Why not carry it a few times though? Cerises bags really put you in a good mood :wlae:
  7. Does your daughter even like bags? Because it will definitely be a waste if she is not appreciative. BTW, you spent $400+ on a cerises pochette?? I think I bought mine from Saks for 275 or something.
  8. You're such a sweet mom. IMO, this isn't silly.

    I have a Mini Sac HL which I have never used. I ever thought about selling it too as it's super small. I bought it because I think it's cute.

    When I said to my boyfriend that I'm gonna sell it, he's like "no, don't sell it. Keep it for our daugther (and we're not even engaged :rolleyes:) It would be really cute if you carry your Speedy and let your dauther carry the mini one"

    I thought he made a good point. LOL.
  9. I guess I wouldn't because I would worry my daughter and I won't have the same tastes. I know if my mom kept something like that for me, I'd feel obligated to use it even if I hated it.
  10. you go mom!!!!!

    i'm just as crazy (and guilty!!!) as you are!!!! lol
    you love your daughter, i can tell......and i do mine more than anything and anybody in the it makes it OK with me~~!!! (but my DH is just as bad, he always buys her 'something' everytime he goes to wal*mart or target ....or even grocery stores --- but i resist!!!)
  11. here's my thinking: my mom gave me a beautiful waterford vase for my 21st birthday which she bought a year in advance while in ireland. the vase means the world to me now, but i am old enough to appreciate it.

    all that to say: i agree her tastes will probably be different than yours, and that the style will inevitably change. i doubt she or her friends will be able to appreciate the beautiful gift (or time spent) 14 years from now. my suggestion is to wait until you know her and can fully anticipate her tastes (say, 14-15 years old) so as not to waste time and money to potentially not have it go as magically as you expect. jmho
  12. I think you should sell it. There's gonna be more new style coming out & a cute pochette just sit in the closet, that's a waste. Or maybe just give it to her for this year Xmas. No one is too young for LV :graucho:. You know what i'm saying? lolz.
  13. If you won't use it, I'd sell it- there's no guarantee that she'll like bags or if Murakami collaborations or even LV at all will be popular in 14 years.
  14. I would use it, 14 years is a long time to just sit. And why not give it to her at 13?
  15. OK i tell u wat.. I'll be ur daughter NOW. Just kidding.. I think ur sweet. Keep it i say.