Anyone pumped for the Australian Open?

  1. Just throwing the question out first before I talk about it...
  2. OMG ME!!! :yahoo:
  3. Awww one person...? I'll leave it up for a bit before I start pestering you on PM :p.
  4. Can't talk much about players and stats but I enjoy watching it.
  5. Lol :p
  6. Me too! You can pester me!
  7. Ohoh was anyone watching that Medibank final?
  8. MITYA WON!! I love him :biggrin: I didn't get to watch it, but I heard he played extremely well and hopefully the win gives him confidence to go far at the AO :biggrin:

    Juanqui lost though :sad: in Auckland. I thought the 4yr drought was going to end :sad:

  9. Final was so good... he won both tiebreaks, last tie break was INTENSE...

    I don't know if i'll be watching the smaller matches of AO... but I will watch every match with Federer and Safin in it though :lol:.

    Who are you going for?
  10. lol

    Safin of course, Mitya, Misha Y (Who I think will excel at the AO) And Davydenko (I have a soft spot for him)
    Gonzalez, Massu, Robredo, Monaco, Stan W, Juanqui, Ferrer, The Bryan Bros., Santoro, Novak, and Ollie Rochus to name a few :roflmfao:
  11. I have The Tennis Channel this year so I am really excited :biggrin:
  12. MEEEE!!! I can't wait for it to start, only 1 day to go... woohoo!:yahoo:

    Anybody going to any of the matches? Or will most people just be glued to the couch for the next fortnight? I know I will be...

    Actually, I've already been tuning in religiously everyday since the Hopman Cup started. Last night I decided to stay home vs. going out cos I just had to watch the Medibank women's finals :shame: When I told my friends they were like um, you're choosing tennis over us?!! :confused1:... lol Is anyone else like this or is it just me? :ninja:

    Ditto! Safin is so effin' hot... :drool::graucho::heart:

    Who is your pick to take out the titles this year?
  13. I'm so excited..and I just can't hide it! :p:wlae:


    Wish I had the Tennis Channel.

  14. LOL I spent so long deciding whether I should go or not that the tickets ended up selling out and I missed out. Bah. So yes, my eyes will be glued to the tv instead of the computer for once.

    I've been staying home these days too, or if i'm not at home i'm at the city library watching it on their giant tv. I was to my friends 'let's go watch the tennis!' and they're like '...' and i'm like 'aww fine.'

    And Federer will win... yes... I'm glaring at his picture as I speak hoping he's feeling it right now. I don't want Nadal to take the number 1 spot because I have a soft spot for Federer :shame:.

    Don't know how Safin will go though, he's a freakin lottery that man! I swear he shows up on court and goes 'I feeeel like doing good today' or 'I feel like i'm just going to finish this and drink vodka later.' Doesn't matter though, he's good to look at, I don't care what he comes as long as he doesn't lose to someone crap.

    Not big on watching women's tennis... it just isn't as exciting for me. Though Sharapova yelling at umpires is always a blast to watch.

    Hehe can't wait can't wait can't wait!!
  15. ^Yea, womens tennis is such a rip off. Last few times I went to a match, it finished in like 40 minutes. The men' get like 3 hours of great tennis!