Anyone protects their spy from blushing/fading??

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  1. Hi all, just wondering whether you spray your spy/baby spy with leather protector (such as appleguard) to protect the untreated lamb skin from blushing/fading? I was told by the local SA that it;s part of the character of the bag to "age" and the fading is "natural"!!

    I'm just a bit concerned that the "fading" would be uneven and the bag becomes funny looking and that's the last thing I want after spending so much on a bag!!

    Please share your experience, much appreciated!!:yes:
  2. BLB - A good question. I don't know how others feel about the blushing & I hear a lot of chatter & concern about it, but the newer bags are pretty well protected. I did purchase a used chocolate bag that had substantial blushing & after a good conditioning, I liked it better than a new non-blushing bag to be quite honest. The Nappa leather gets softer with use and if you keep it in good care & conditioned, the blushing is not noticeable except in a nice way, it gives it more character - not a dramatic change in color in my opinion. Its like patina on an LV - only I think I personally like it better. If you truly don't like the blushing, it can be color enhanced to make it more uniform (without formal strip & redying) - I don't believe this would be recommended by Fendi, but i know it can be done ;).
  3. Thank you so much for your response, very informative, greatly appreciated!:P

    I'll be receiving my first spy soon - a baby spy in congnac color. Very excited and just want to know how to protect it so I won't be upset with myself later! Will you spray it with a protector before use or just clean and condition as you go?
  4. I wouldn't worry about it for a while, believe it is already coated with protectant - you'll see when it shows up. Condition maybe once a year or as needed, they hardly require it. Here is a recent thread on the subject you might find helpful:

    BTW congrats on getting a baby cognac spy :yahoo:! You should post pics on the baby spy club....! :wlae:
  5. Thank you so much for your help, will post pics when I get it!!:P