Anyone posted on Ebay's

  1. This obviously isn't handbag related, but I'm looking to sell some of my textbooks from my classes on Has anyone done that? What would you recommend?

    I might post my bags on ebay at a later time... but not right now. I'll start with the books! LOL!

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. I have never posted, but I do buy alot of books and DVD's. I think it's a great way to sell school books.
  3. i sold my textbooks on for awhile...but, honestly, i would sell on Amazon. the books tend to go for more on there.
  4. Awesome, thanks for the advice! I'll look into that one :o)
  5. just search whatever book you're selling on each site and see which one is going for more. though i always try to beat the lowest price in whatever condition category by at least .01. it sells quicker that way.
    and i'm pretty sure they both reimburse the same amount for shipping. remember to ship media mail if they pay for regular shipping, too!
  6. When you ship media mail, do you just go to the post office and request media mail (I'm assuming) or...? When I ordered my books online, I actually ordered a book from a guy who lived (some what) close to me and he just drove the book over and dropped it off. He said he didn't want to mess with the media mail (I'm assuming he wanted to keep my $3.49 lol).
  7. Yes, when you go to the post office just tell them that you want to send it via media mail. It is just a special method that they use for books, magazines, etc. I have sold my textbooks on and Do a little bit of research and see if anyone else is selling them on ebay right now and how much they are going for. Also search the completed listings to see how much they have sold for in the past. My suggestion would be to wait until your closer to the end of the semester or the beginning of the next one because that is when people will know what books they need for their next classes.
  8. like said above, just request the media mail rate. you can also do it for dvd's, cd's, etc. it's a big money saver.
    i know Amazon lets you list for 60 days (maybe?) before they remove your listing. so if you list now, it may not sell until the new semester (or mid december), but they don't take out fees until it sells.
  9. i bought a great deal of my books on (not only text books but other psychology books to help in the clinical side of the coursework)... most of my experiences were postiive..
  10. Awesome, thanks everyone! I bought all of my textbooks on and Amazon. I just wasn't sure which would be the better place to list them on. I'll probably wait a month or so to list them. A few of my books are actually "fictional non-fiction" books I had for my Lit. class and they were HARD to find. I might list those sooner.
  11. BUY off, SELL on Amazon.
    sure as heck gets you more money than selling them back at the bookstore on campus...

    bluxcape, you working on a masters in psych? i'm still in my undergrad and i feel like i'm going to be taking psych classes FOREVER!
  12. Thanks for the advice! I've considered selling back to the bookstore (they give us half of the msrp) but I think I can do much better. The majority of my books I don't even use! My lovely $122 business book... yea... used once. Lol!
  13. I have never sold on, but, we do buy a lot of my son's textbooks from there