Anyone play World of Warcraft?

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  1. Yes, I know World of Warcraft is NOT a board game. But it is a game.

    Does anyone here play it?

    I can be very girlie at times but I have to admit that one of the dorkiest things I do is play World of Warcraft. It would make me so happy if a fellow tPF'er played as well. I don't want to be the only one.
  2. I play casually. Used to be hardcore into raiding about two years ago, no good at all. Almost cost me my relationship with Megs at that time. Yikes.

    Currently leveling a rogue on Uther.
  3. omg this game is the bane of my existence :cursing:. my SO is OBSESSED with this game, as are his friends. he's a model boyfriend in person, but set him in front of his computer and it's jen-who? he won't eat/sleep/call me-and if i call him i get ignored, if he even picks up the phone at all. he has like set raiding nights a week (sunday tuesday and thursday i believe) plus he was babbling about last night being some cut off point for the season or something which means more ignoring for me.

    but that having been said i've tried it and it does seem fun-i've just seen too many people get sucked into it (my brother included) to be able to appreciate it :sad:.
  4. No, but I heard it's a very addictive game, besides being unbelievably nerdy ;)
  5. I think that happens alot with this game. I've never played it, so i wouldn't know...but I've heard plenty of stories including my husbands cousin's G/F who got married on the game? and was on it 24/7 even when they had company over. Yikes!!
  6. Yeah I've seen some people take this game to the extreme. I have my moments were I play more often than others. I've raided before on set nights but if I have something better and/or more important to do then I go do it instead of playing. I admit I almost fell into the addiction. Actually, I did fall into the addiction just not as bad as others. My relationship with my boyfriend at the time was coming to its end so I played to escape the drama. It was a break from reality for me. Now I play just for fun and when I have nothing better to do. A lot of times I would log in just to talk to my friends online. I wouldn't actually play. LOL!

    I have a 70 Mage (Sersy) and 70 Shadow Priest (Twistedhalo) on Bleeding Hollow.
  7. I don't play, but the one person I know who plays is extreme nerd-o... and I work at a place where nerds abound.... I asked him about it once and now when he catches me at lunch will tell me all the characters and levels and upgrades he has... I used to play a shooting game called Unreal... that was a good time, but I don't keep up with that anymore.
  8. I'll admit that there are nerds in the game. But at the same time it's not all true. I'm not a nerd. My bosses, both attorneys, are not nerds and they play the game. Some of my old friends have friends that play the game... And boy are those guys hot! :drool:
  9. My son and husband co-play. :smile: It's so cute, they share a character. My son is better at playing the game, and helps the hubby out.
  10. My hubby got hooked on this game from a friend and played for about two years nearly 20 hours each day on the weekend. During the week if he wasn't working he was playing the game. Then for whatever reason he was tired of it and now has moved onto his new love "Eve" online. Which he is just as addicted to.
  11. Yeah that happens. I go through phases where I play more often than others. But never to an extreme anymore. I don't really play any other game so my attention then goes to TV or other projects.
  12. I used to be dangerously addicted to it. Was a so called hardcore player for a while: I was leader of a raiding guild and I opened the Gates of Ahn Qiraj (WoW nerds will know just how incredibly nerdy and hard that is :P).
    It was sucking away my life, my health, and my marriage. I stopped in May and I never looked back.
  13. I am the king of WOW addictions. 7 lvl 70's atm and still going, add up my /played in RL days/hours/mins/ and within the past 3 years it almost adds up to 2 yrs....hyjal server, all alliance...WOWOWOWOW grrrr...just thinking bout the game gets my blood boiling...grrrr.....i force my wife to help me 3 box too, cause if not i will not buy her bags!!! HAHA!! i r FTW