Anyone play World of Warcraft on here?

  1. Just wondering...
  2. I used to play..was subbed around a month ago but my husband wasn't willing on playing :/ I miss that game!!
    what server are you on? my main was on Silvermoon.
  3. Hey! :smile: I've been playing since launch... 2004... but have kind of quit since the Expansion. I have a lvl 61 priest and a 60 mage atm.. Dethecus Horde!
  4. yeah lol , just posted a thread asking for fellow gamers last week :smile:

    I just recently started, have a level 28.5 Priest on Kel'Thazud, i just bought the epansion pack yesterday, gonna install it tonight.

    You play horde? sweet... I got my butt kicked by a couple yesterday while playing. They were just wondering around town killing everyone!
  5. My 2 older sons do...I just pay for