Anyone Play Sports/Games as Exercise?

  1. Well, I dont play sports. I suck at sports, lol. So instead my boyfriend bought DDR (Dance Dance Revolution on PS2) awhile back and he's been playing it on the Workout mode with me LOL


    Does anyone else play sports, do aerobics where you dance to music or just any kind of workout games (doesnt have to be electronic)? How is that going for you?
  2. I play Badminton. :love:
  3. Are you kidding me!:lol: Sports for me is a no-no. Well, is snorkling a sport?:blink:
  4. OMFG i love DDR!!!!!! i allways go to teh mall and play it ! they have a new machiene that you use your hands awell and swipe them under and over the lazer bars at the right times, i have a mat for my PS2 and Britneys dance beat for it, its fun to play other games with the mat to!
  5. lol I would say yes it's a sport in terms of it being a way to stay active! Shoot, it's healthier than sitting around eating chips, lol.

    Whoa, cool! My mall still has the regular DDR machine, lol. It used to be really popular but no one really plays on it anymore :/ The new one sounds fun!

    Haha! I played NFL Street with my little brothers with the DDR mat, it was hilarious!
  6. I play a lot of tennis. Such a good workout and very fun AND very social.
  7. i play basketball with some of my clients.. as part of therapy...
  8. Girls, I play hockey! Yep, ice hockey, the real way! I took it up on a total random whim about 3 years ago and never looked back. It's incredible exercise and I am in a recreational league where we have fun, play hard but don't take ourselves too seriously.

    I skate about 3 times a week year 'round and it's fun getting out on the ice and kicking serious ass but still being a girly-girl, enjoying facials, shopping, etc with the girls.
  9. I think if there is one thing keeping me in some sort of human shape is sports activities~

    Spring, Summer Fall: Golf, Tennis & Rock climbing
    Winter: Snowboarding

    The greatest thing is that they are soo fun it doesn't even feel like a workout.

    I really want to learn surfing but it's hard living 2-3 hrs from beach the east coast
  10. i swim and play tennis :smile: i can't do anything super competitive like bball or vball. haha
  11. I play tennis often. I'm not really good at it but playing against someone in my family that hits it everywhere, gives you a good workout alone.
  12. I figure skate. I skated when I was younger-stopped when I got to college and started again when I got out of college. I have no aspirations of competing, but it's great exercise, and you feel an amazing sense of accomplishment when you land a jump or complete a really hard move. I just love it.

    This summer my Mom and I are taking up tennis-also something I played when I was younger. We figure it'll just be fun to knock the ball around and get some fresh air.
  13. Hey, I also play ice hockey! Isn't it awesome?
  14. I took up dragon boat racing about 4 years ago and still love it. I also do outrigging (have only been doing it for just over a year now). But these are summer sports, during winter i only train about once a week, so in the cold months i take up volleyball or futsal (5 a side indoor football). I've got a gym membership, but find that i much prefer team sports than working out on my own. Its a lot easier to keep my motivation up when i have all my friends involved and when we're actually involved in a competition.
  15. Despite the fact that the Irish are notoriously poor at sports, I play ice hockey in a rec league like a couple of the other girls here.