anyone play ANIMAL CROSSING?

  1. mods sorry if this is in the wrong subforum-wasn't really quite sure where this fit!

    i was wondering if any of you ladies played animal crossing on the nintendo ds. yes i know i'm a grown woman but i LOVE to play this on the subway and when i can't sleep at night, and for those of you who play you know that you need to have a friend visit and buy something from Nookway in order to get the Nookington's upgrade-but sadly i don't know anyone else who plays this/has a DS :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:.

    if you do play, please PM me or post your friendship codes, and i'd love to add you to me friends list!

    and even if you don't want me visiting you (i promise i'm nice!) i'd love to hear what you think of this game. i never thought i'd like any sort of game, but i really love this one! (it was actually a gift from SO [the game system and the game] to get me off his back about his world of warcraft addiction)
  2. I love animal crossing. That game can get addicting. And I'm like you, sometimes I feel like a complete dork :upsidedown:, but I love it. Hell, even my husband loves the game. :p

    I don't have it on the DS, but we have it on the game cube. I've wanted to get a DS so we could go to the secret island in the middle of the lake.

    That game is so freak'n cute it almost hurts!!!
  3. LOL...My daughter has it..Ill ask her!

    THIS is the right place to post BTW!
  4. You've inspired me. I have heard a lot of good things about this game. I am going to pick it up tomorrow, so I can have it when we leave for our cruise next week. :nuts:
  5. thanks for the replies! i should be studying for my exams but instead i'm thinking about this silly game :shrugs:.

    pidgeon i hope you have fun playing it! it's pretty much my first video game, and so i was a little iffy about it at first but i'm addicted now.
  6. You know, I've never played Animal Crossing before, but as an avid DSer, I think it looks like a lot of fun.
  7. I have it and it's so cute! However, I used to play it at my old job which I hated intensely, so now a days, it brings back bad memories to play it, but I have played it a few times after I quit my old job, and it's still soooo cute and charming. Love it!
  8. I play too! I swear I play every single type of video game under the sun! I'm such a nerd!! :S
    Do you go check out the lost and found for furniture? I picked up a bunch!
    Unfortunately I don't know how to set up my DS for wireless connection cause my network uses WEP (or whatever it is that the DS doesn't take).

    A gaming subforum would be nice! Hehe! I love talking video games!
  9. yay lots of animal crossing-ers(:confused1:)!!! it's such a cute game-SO is always telling me i'm such a bum cuz i'm always checking the recycling bin and the lost and found for furniture and other goodies :p.

    i visited the store the other day and picked up a geisha wig and a halo-now if only they had little designer purses for the characters.......:angel:

    and sweetlove i know what you mean about certain things bringing unpleasant memories even if the thing itself is something pleasant
  10. i play i play!!:cutesy:
  11. i have a ds too but i havent gotten a chance to pick that one up yet
  12. I have it too but I deleted my last person because I never played... Im in the middle of playing Super Mario 64 DS though :wlae:
  13. If you still need someone to come shopping in your town let me know! I'm a 'hardcore' AC WW player, I've played every day for 2 years now. ^^ I'm growing hybrids and working on completing my catalogue. This is the best game ever, I'm soo addicted. :yes:
  14. I play daily too (I'm hooked!) and I'm always on wi-fi so you're welcome to come over anytime you like. I finally caught the Coleantch (sp?) fish last night - it was begining to drive me mad. So I only need one more fish! wooo. I'll pm my friend code to anyone that wants it. Yay the snow is going to stick tomorrow so we can make snowmen :girlsigh:. I'm such a geek when it comes to AC:WW.
  15. joeyjo i just got your pm thanks so much! i can't send you my friend code at the moment unfortunately because i'm in class but i'll send it to you as soon as i get home. i can't wait to have someone visit me, i just bought a christmas tree for my home and it's snowing like crazy today. congrats on your coelacanth-i caught a string fish last night and was super excited :nuts:.

    kirie i'd love to have you come visit me too your town sounds beautiful. i still haven't really figured out how to grow hybrids yet, but i'm hoping to learn.