Anyone planning on order the Nikki in Ocean?

  1. From the pix Ive seen, the color looks amazing. But Im wondering about what I read on here about it having some kind of silvery sheen on top

    Also, if Im barely 5'4, would a Nikki look ok on me or should I go for a Mini Nikki?
  2. I've been in love with this bag since I saw that showroom pic of it. I keep hearing conflicting stories about the bag though - some shops have given me approx. dates for it, and one told me it was cancelled. But since I just pre-ordered a Tangerine MAM, I'm gonna have to wait a while before getting this one. I would like to see more detailed pics of the Ocean color, to determine what the finish looks like.

    BTW, I'm 5'2, sz 10-12 and carry a Nikki - but I've always been partial to larger bags. Of all the comments I've ever gotten on my bags, I've never gotten feedback that the Nikki looked too big(more women have told me the MAB looks big than the Nikki). Hope that helps.
  3. I think the Nikki would be fine on someone your size - the bag collapses and goes nicely under your arm.

    As for the ocean color, it does have a silvery sheen on top that's a little rough. It's truly beautiful though.
  4. Just checked my e-mails again - and LB said expected ship date is 2/28 and Delcina was the one who told me it was not going to be available, but that's the only place I've heard that, so it may not be accurate.
  5. I think I need to see this one 4 yr old DS is insisting I buy it lol
  6. Anyone heard anything else about this bag? This is the next one on my wishlist, but I don't want to get my hopes up yet.
  7. I also heard from LB that they will get the Nikki in Ocean (as well as Night) around 2/28. I'll definitely take a look at it but wouldn't get it if it has the rough finish like the Plan B.
  8. So, I'm dying to know - who scored themselves an Ocean Nikki? LB had them up for sale yesterday, and I was so excited! But I went back later that night, and they had already sold out before the end of the day!
  9. ^Oh~ did I miss that sale for the ocean nikki?!? Well prob. better that I did as my RM wishlist keeps getting longer it seems-- the more i use and fall in love with my RM's.

    I love the color. too., and this is on my possible wishlist...but I'm also worried about the finish...wish it was just straight good ol' soft smooshy leather...I wonder if the finish/sheen will wear off over time like w/bal bags... the sometimes stiff shiny finish eventually do wear off...unless this finish is a result of some kind of glazing like on the expresso color....

    I was eyeing this color in a matinee or a nikki but something tells me I may not like the silvery gloss that is on this leather...