Anyone planning on buying the $1,000 Gustto Baca

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  1. GUST-WY83_V1.jpg GUST-WY84_V1.jpg
  2. Shoot me for saying this, but, this Gustto bag is not cute enough for $1,000.
  3. I agree.. I don't know anything about the brand, but that bag does not look like it's worth 1k.
  4. I am a huge fan of the Baca, but no way would I pay $1000. Maybe they're charging more because it's shiny???? They should charge less, because it makes it look cheap, IMO.
  5. I've always like the Baca shape, but to pay so much more just for (super trendy) metallic snake print? Meh. The silver one kinda looks like a deflated disco ball.
  6. man maybe in like...5 or 6 years when i make more money i MIGHT consider paying £1000 for a bag...but until then, no way!
  7. Ewww what is that?!

    I don't like. I think it looks funky in a bad way. I would not buy that especially for a $1,000.

    There are plenty of better looking purses you can get for that money.
  8. Hmm, I like the colors..kind of looks cool...but never really a fan of Gustto. So, DEFINATELY NOT! :shame:
  9. No freakin' way.

    Personally, I think they are uggggly.
  10. Not a fan of Gustto. The designs don't appeal to me and the quality seems inconsistent, particularly with the linings. I wouldn't even pay $100 for Gustto bag let alone $1000.
  11. No possible way. Trendy AND ugly.
  12. I'll save my 1000 for a new bbag. way too trendy
  13. too much money. I think when they first started out, they underpriced their bags, considering that they were made of expensive leather, and they were made locally.
  14. I don't like this bag a bit. And for that price point there's a LOT to chose from that is much more attractive.
  15. I love the baca....but not that one...and not for 1K. :tdown: