Anyone planning on an Uptown?

  1. For my fall splurge I'm considering the blue patent Uptown, or some variant thereof.

    Anyone else on the list to be called or preordered? If so, what color?
  2. I love the uptown! I am hoping that it will come out in a matte leather later...
  3. I pre-ordered the uptown in blue patent from Saks and I have had it for a little less than a month. It is absolutely gorgeous and worth the price.
  4. Welcome lawglam81 and congrats on your Uptown! You should start a thread and post some pics, because we haven't seen many of these new bags yet. :yes:
  5. Hi, I wouldn't mind posting another thread. Do you have any pointers for putting pics up. I tried to post pics before from my computer photo files but the memory limit on the blog is not enough. Thanks!
  6. You just need to go into whatever photo editing program you have and reduce the size of the pics. ;)
  7. I am obsessed with the smaller version.
  8. I would love love love to see pictures of this bag. I'm kinda iffy on it, but I'm sure it is gorgeous IRL! Congrats!
  9. I just bought the Uptown in purple patent, can't wait to receive it!:happydance:
  10. I like it, but I am waiting to see if it comes out in a non patent version.
  11. I saw the Uptown in blue patent at my local (Dallas) Saks; it's a gorgeous dark blue, almost black. It looks small but it's roomy inside; I could put it over my shoulder but it's not very comfortable. I'm not crazy about the patent leather, though.
  12. I am going to try to post pics this weekend, but I have to use another computer that has photo shop because as far as I can tell my version of Iphoto won't let me change the size of the pic. I personally like the bag because it has a vintage feel with the patent and the inside pockets but the design is clean and classic.
  13. my best friend preordered this bag in grey croc. i don't know if it's in yet or not; i didn't think of asking. i guess i'll just see her with it one day and i'll know... :lol:

    i would get one in dark green ostrich or black matt leather...if they ever did those colours/leathers, and the bag came in a HUGE, shattering size...
  14. I saw a blue patent one in harrods, it was much larger than I thought it would be actually. But the blue was a gorgeous color.
  15. i think the uptown is TDF! congrats, lawglam81