anyone passing by galleria mall in glendale CA tomorrow?

  1. anyone passing by galleria mall in glendale CA tomorrow? help a toki addict out?
  2. are you looking for something specific you know they have or just a bag in general?
  3. i have something on hold, but i think kula_bear might save me! :graucho:
  4. cool. i was just at the mall this weekend but they didn't have much new.
  5. i went there today! all of the tokidoki is on the preseason sale... i think. what i remember is that there was a lot of spiaggia some notte(or fumo) buon viaggios, portatelefonos, and a dolce, some pirata buon viaggios and some canguros, an adios portatelefono, two l'amore canguros. I think they are all on sale judging the fact that it said entire stock of Lesportsac.
  6. OH AND BIANO stuff
  7. bianco
  8. 25% off wooot wooot
  9. so nothing in famiglia then
  10. no famiglia
  11. i just got back from the galleria and they didn't have much. some pirata and spiaggia buon viaggios, fumo giocos, notte buon viaggios, canguros in amore, pirata and spiaggia and i think one spiaggia stellina. oh and an adios star ciao ciao and 2 adios star portatelefonos.
  12. Thanks to kula_bear!!! I'm the proud owner of 2 black camo angiolettos!!! My friend drove from Huntington Beach to the Galleria in Glendale to pick them up!!! I can't wait to see them!!!!
  13. they had black camo angiolettos?!!! how much did you get them for?! eeeeks i want one! forgot to bid on it in an eBay auction few days back..but lucky you!
  14. can you believe they were only 61.99!!!!??
  15. did you get it from boarders? cuz i saw them there a week ago. hehe.