Anyone owns this Xword tote?

  1. Anyone? lol
  2. I dont own one but if the retail is $1580.00 then yes $450 is a great deal. Jenny McCarthy has it in the lighter color and she carries it well. I like it.
  3. Hi there
    I own a fendi crossword in zucca with the huge fendi signs.Its gorgious!!!!!!!
  4. I actually love this bag in the zucca, which is weird for me because I don't usually like logo stuff. I'd get it in a heartbeat if I ever found it on sale!
  5. If you are getting it for $450, make sure it is authentic as always...this handbag has been faked...:cursing:
  6. I have the purple with pink trim; I got it on sale at Bloomingdale's during their Friends & Family days.

    I absolutely LOVE it; I wore it into Fendi a few weeks ago and all the girls were freaking out over it. It's ther perfect size and holds a ton, and it's fairly light.
  7. Hi,

    I do not own it, but I am looking to buy one for myself for Christmas. Could you tell me when you saw it for $450? Thanks
  8. Kabella -- do you have pics :confused1: Would love to see that one, don't think I have seen it yet. :graucho:
  9. Sure...I tried twice to attach the pics, and it's not working. Here's the url info to view them:


    This was, no joke, like the steal of my life. It was marked down 30% to begin with, another 20% for Bloomingdale's Friends & Family days, and another 10% because I found this little patch of weird, sticky residue on the handle, which I was able to get rid of at home. Plus, I had a gift card...I ended up paying about $400 for a $1300 bag.

    People either absolutely love this one or think it's the most heinous thing they've ever seen. I just bought the Zucca one on sale from NAP but I think I'm sending it back tomorrow.