Anyone owns OTG in black epi (MM)? what is your experience?

Thea Rose

Jul 20, 2020
Hi Ladies! I noticed, while searching through threads, that most people have either the canvas version or the GM empreinte. But maybe anyone also owns OnTheGo MM in black epi? I'd be most grateful for your feedback. (Is it not too heavy? How does it wear? Are you happy with it?). I am considering it as a workbag.
Also, if you have any specific tips on what to look out for when purchasing it, I'd really appreciate it.
Many thanks in advance!

Oct 7, 2019
I have this bag and haven't used it yet for work because Covid 19. So unfortunately, I can't advise on wear and tear but will be interested in what others say. I am afraid of it getting scratched up though as I've heard that Epi leather can be prone to this. But for me the epi slg I've had and used for over 15 years is still going strong.