Anyone owns Hermes coin bag ?

  1. I saw this in shop today, fuschia and light brown is available. any opinion on it?

    exact one but diff color on eBay, item no: 300078848948

    thanks :p
  2. billbill, that looks like a nice coin purse and the eBay seller is super!

    I have not tried this particular purse, however.....but....I do have Le 24 by Hermes. It is the small triangular Rouge Vif purse below beside my Kelly. It snaps in front and opens then folds back to snap shut. It holds a lot of coins and I am enjoying it very much!

    Also, below, is the Louis Vuitton cles and I've heard that some like to use these for coin purses, too.

  3. Love your coin purse, isus, must get one of those! I do like the color combination of your accessories and they look so good in your bag. Tres chic!
  4. Very, very chic!

    Do you use your Agenda's at all for a checkbook? I am thinking of doing that but not sure if it works out correctly :smile:
  5. I plan on getting an H coin purse, but not for coins. I need something, ANYTHING, to hold all my membership cards! They are ruining my LV wallet! And I officially refuse to hang those tacky things from my keychain.

    ... might need to replace that ruined LV wallet with an H wallet too! :graucho:

    23 days and counting until Hawaii and Hermes!!:yahoo:
  6. Thank you,very much, Rose!!

    Angelfish, I use my 12 year old LV checkbook cover but have not tried an Hermes agenda. But, you could take your check insert to Hermes and see if you can find a match/fit for it, couldn't you?
  7. isus, your coin purse is gorgeous!!
    Do you mind quoting a price for it? I"m making up al ist of what to buy at H when they open up!
  8. I have one I use as a checkbook cover, and I love it. It fits my LV pink pen quite nicely too. (even though the pen and agenda dont match at all!)
  9. isus, I want to buy a coin purse soon, but I really cannot make up my mind on which one. Bastia or Le 24. Both are very cute. Can you please post some inside pics of your coin purse? That would be awesome!