Anyone Owns A Massai??

  1. Hi all! Just want to know if anyone owns a Massai GM and if it's a good one to get and those who have it you love it??:P THANKS!
  2. hi W&H!
    i have a massai gm.
    If it is a good one?every Hbag is a good one:smile: but it depends what do you want to use for and what kind of bags do you like.
    Its rather big,sits comfy on the shoulder,you can fit a magazine size of papers in...
    Its rather casual than elegant but i use sometimes for work as well!
  3. Hi Marbella! Thanks! I kind of like the slouchy look of it...but not sure if I'm willing to pay the price for it!!! how much did you pay for yours?
  4. i bought mine for 2.100EUR(appr 3.000USD)
    If you like the style,i think the bag is absolutely worth the price!!!!!good luck on hunting:smile:
  5. If you do a search, you will see Tracey's as well. She has pics posted. : )
  6. Carolyn Bessette Kennedy had one.
    cbk in hermes mombasa.jpg cbk in hermes mombasa2.jpg
  7. as socal said i do have posted - it is a great bag. obviously a very different look than a birkin or kelly. but if you want a great looking, big casual bag you can't beat it.
  8. Are Massais easy to get? I mean like do most stores usually have them in stock...I didn't see one in the sydney store here last time.
  9. In Europe seems not so difficult to get it,although it depends what colour do you like.when i purchased mine they had an indigo in my store and a havanna in paris and a black in zürich.i took the indigo becasue it seemed very special,almost black but still with an interesting shine...
  10. Oh CBK was so stylish... It's a beautiful bag. I think I'll change my min and get one :biggrin:
  11. gazoo, thanks so much for posting the photos. Carolyn was so stylish! She looks fabulous with the Massai (frankly, she would look good carrying a paper bag). Actually looking at photos of Carolyn and John make me very sad....
  12. Oh, you made me want one... :wtf: Love the pic, so classy...
  13. they are not that easy to get...the smaller ones seem to be in the shop here in nyc on a fairly regular basis. two weeks ago there was a large brown and a large black in america somewhere....have your SA do a search.
  14. Thanks for the pics gazoo. I really love the Massai. There was a BJ (Clemence I think) PM at the SF store on Saturday. It was gorgeous!
  15. Beverly Hills is rumored to have raisin, bj and graphite in the smaller size either in now or arriving soon.