Anyone owns a Gucci Hat?

  1. I would like to get one gucci hat for myself. I really like the gucci logo...and I dont own any Gucci yet.. does anyone own a Gucci Hat? Can you please post the photo here so that I can drool over? DO you think wearing a hat to shopping is in trend now?
  2. i have 2 of them that i never wear. both of them are actually men's hats. but they look unisex to me... i got them both at Barney's. i was actually looking to sell them cuz i just never wear them... i'll post pix when i get a chance cuz they're at my other house...
  3. [​IMG]

    Cutest Hat! It's on Gucci's website. I want it, but I don't wear hats.
  4. OH my god!! this is the HAT that i dream .....:love: for me is quite exp..
  5. ^^ i have that hat and loveeeeeeeeeeeee it!! just wore it today! it is HOT!

  6. OH HOW nice!! i am drooling over your hat!
  7. I love that hat also.
    It is not available on the website yet.
    I was in the Gucci store in the Short Hills Mall and they had the blue one, but not the brown one.
    Hope it will be available soon!
  8. Do you remember how much it is? It is soooo cute!
  9. It is 270.00.
  10. i bought gucci hat for my dear bf..but somethimes i wear it too..when i have a bad hair's kind of unisex hat..