Anyone owns a Chanel white ceramic watch?

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  1. I have been dreaming about owning a Chanel white ceramic watch. I recently put my inquire through Saks department store and this is the answer in email i got:

    The 33 mm watch without diamonds - H0968 is $4150.
    The Watch with diamond markers, .07 ct total weight H1628 is $5350.
    The Watch with diamond bezel, 112 diamonds, 1 ct. total weight is $10,750.

    Does anyone has any of these styles? How do you like them? The 1 ct. is really expensive and is probably out of my price range.:crybaby: How is the one with the diamond markers? Also, without diamond? Does it look feminine? the SA told me they can't show me what any looks like, I have to order it to see it but "you can always return it if you don't like it". Ah....:s What do I do? Any feedback is appreciated!:flowers:
  2. If you do a search for J12 on the main Chanel forum then lots of threads and pictures will come up :yes:
  3. do a search, about 5 pages come up. Lots of photos available.

    the price just went up again. The 33mm use to be $3650 about 1 yr ago, then went to $3850. Now $4150. :Push:
  4. Return Policy for Saks is 30 days on any Jewelry item.
  5. Thanks everyone. Off I go to read all about J12!! Didn't know about the price already increased on the 1st of April (sigh...) :Push:
  6. GL! the watch is gorgeous! couple of my friends have it as well as some ladies lot's of eye candy for you.