Anyone own Tiffany's Diamond by the Yard necklace?

  1. I have always loved this necklace, but I would love to see it on a real person!
    I know the diamonds come in different sizes. There is a .14 one available on the website right now. I have a .10 diamond earring that I have been holding against my neck, but I'm not getting a good visual. :p
    So anyone have one and would you please share a modelling pic with the carat weight of the diamond?
  2. ^^ bump!!!!
    id like to see it on too!!!

    ive been holding up my ring against my chest... ive got aqua, dia,aqua and they're all 0.16 carat! its har to imagine
  3. lol, me three!
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    I have the 0.08 18k dbty single in 16inch it's very dainty but I bought it to be an everyday, never take it off layering piece!
    here's a few pics one with my key. it's hard to take pics of because its so sparkly lol hope this helps!
    BTW i'm 5'10 and the key is an 18 inch chain, so that's why the chain for the dbty may appear shorter on me then others.

    tiffany 0.08 one.jpg [/ATTACH]
  5. Candice0985-
    Thanks for sharing........looks really pretty. Love the key too.
    My mom gave me her .33 solitaire and asked me not to change the setting, so I will abide by her wishes. It's a 1960s platinum buttercup setting.
    I am still jonesing for a Tiffany by the yard, so I'm now thinking about the longer 18 or 32 inch version. diamonds or aqua? I wish they did a combo.
  6. Candice0985- Thank you for sharing pictures! That really helps. :smile: I'm thinking of getting a DBTY and layering it with my key as well. It looks beautiful on you.

    I'm trying to decide between diamonds or aqua too. It's such a big decision.
  7. the aqua is gorgeous! I might get the longer dbty aqua in silver, but I know with the diamonds they are uber sparkly and I get tonnes of compliments for such a tiny piece of jewellery. so i guess it depends what your looking for....sparkle or a bit of colour?
  8. SUPER pretty! Candice, I love your taste in jewelry~! :biggrin:

    Do you find that the diamond rolls around? Or does it stay put?
  9. it does flip sometimes because of the open bezel but this doesnt bother me much, I play with it more then it flips itself!
  10. I love my DBtY necklace .27ct and wear it nearly everyday. I love this size because it's perfect for everyday. The diamond is really sparkly (will try to get pic up at some point, am moving house-nightmare lol). The best thing to do is visit the store if you can & try them on.
  11. i agree tiffanystar! I thought I wanted mine a bit bigger but then I went and tried them on and changed my mind. I also thought I wanted silver or platinum and walked out with yellow gold lol
  12. I just purchased the sterling silver dbty necklace w/3 diamonds. The total carat weight is .09. They are tiny, but very sparkly. It's a perfect layering necklace!
    dbty.jpg dbtyDSC_00101-3.jpg
  13. ^^did you get it shortened? what length is it at? thanks
  14. No, it's 16". :smile:
  15. I have it in platinum but I'm not sure about the ct :s my mom got it for me in August 2008, I tried wearing it once but the back of the diamond was kinda sharp and kept poking me :p

    Personally I think the diamonds look better than the aquamarines! I didn't find the aquamarines as shiny as the diamonds but I guess it depends on what you prefer..

    Right now I really want the pearls by the yard necklace! :p