Anyone own this 'Dr Q' tote or see IRL??

  1. Thinking of buying but wondering how sturdy it is if anyone owns either one of these - there's 2 diff sizes, would be buying the smaller (2nd pix-they look the same) but I'm sure the quality is the same so if anyone has either I'd love your opinions!!

  2. Never mind - just bought this Marc Jacobs tote instead - on sale @ Bergdorf w/no tax free shipping! This was a tad more but I like it much better......more interesting & like the north/south better:smile:

    I've had several Marc by Marc Jacobs bags - this will be my 1st Marc Jacobs Collection bag - very exciting!!

  3. great choice, enjoy!
  4. They released new colors too! I love that the tag is a shinier gold too.
  5. Congrats on your first collection bag!! :woohoo: