Anyone own this bag

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  1. I just bought this bag. It will be here next week. Anyone own this and any thought? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459523976.203224.jpg
    Thanh you everyone!!
  2. OMG I love it!!
  3. Looks gorgeous…congrats! :heart:
  4. Beautiful, I would love to know what the inside looks like...
  5. Here u go ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459531941.673427.jpg
  6. wow..beautiful bag.
  7. May I asked for sku and the price please
  8. Sorry i dont have the sku yet. It 3100. After i receive it, i will let u know
  9. I just saw this bag today. It's beautiful. Congratulations
  10. Beautiful congrats!
  11. Very pretty!
  12. Has anyone seen this bag in light beige yet? I'm dying to see it!!
  13. Beautiful bag!

  14. Did you try it on? Im 5'4, i dont know if i can wear it crossbody. Do you think it is same size with Classic ML?
  15. I saw the navy small one in store too, it's pretty!