Anyone Own these and how do they fit?

  1. thank you... Are they true to size or do i I have to go up...

  2. what are you looking for? There are not any pix.
  3. Sorry Guess they arent showing up.. here you.
  4. OOh, might have been my computer. I've tried on similar sandals and found them to be true to size.
  5. I have them in black signature and mine are 1/2 size larger than my normal shoe size.
  6. I have those in b&w sig and they are TTS on me.
  7. Thank you all, i'm off to locate a pr in 6.5.. If you find a pr in scribble or black sig please let me know.. i'd like to pay under 100$ if possible. I think retail was 138$
  8. i have them and im in love with them! i havent gotten a chance to wear them yet cause i picked them & a few other pairs of coach shoes at macys in august/september, and it was the end of summer :sad: but i am so looking forward to the warm weather! anyway it depends how wide your foot is. i found them a bit snug near where the strap of the shoe is so i went up a size, but thats just me. but youre going to adore them!
  9. Those scribble wedges are soooooooo cute!! Is that a foam wedge? Looks comfy if it is!!
  10. thanks for the info.. I hope i'm able to locate a pr.
  11. [​IMG] anyone have an idea if they are true to fit ? thanks
  12. I can wear different sizes in Coach shoes/boots depending on the style :

    sandals/mules = 7.5M
    high heeled boots = 8M
    ballet flats = 7M
    Issy wedges = 7M
    sneakers = 7M/7.5M

  13. Those are nice!! Honestly, I'd have to try these on in person to see how they fit. Sometimes, I need to go down 1/2 size in the Coach wedges.