Anyone own the Zebra Sac??

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  1. Hi,

    Can anyone post pics of the large zebra sac? I am loving that bag with the red, would like to see it on someone to decide if I should get it.

    thanks ladies!!!
  2. This is the catalog pic:

  3. Are they using toy figurines to model those bags? Because that one on that particular model (I realize that she is rather slight) looks GIGANTIC. I don't think I've seen one quite that large in the stores...
  4. I want that bag sooooooo bad. Actually, any size in the zebra sac would do!
  5. I was drooling over the red trimmed one online but then I went in the store and was dissapointed. The red trim ones have a yellow/cream background not white like the black trimmed one. :sad: It just doesnt pop aganist that yellowish like it would aganist white.
  6. ^^ Yes, I do recall that the red ones were slightly more creamy in color. The background was not pure white like the black trimmed bags.
  7. I have been drooling over the Zebra bags myself but have heard/seen so many say that the black looks blueish and that the white is turning yellow on them. I went to Dillard's and looked and some did seem off to me. The black dye was leaking down onto the white in some areas and there were white spots in the black areas. Does anyone who has any of these zebra style have these problems with it? The quality just really seems off to me.
  8. hello all!
    I do have the medium zebra sac trimmed in red. I am happy with the quality but it is cream not white. The large one in the catalogue pic is huge. I went with the medium and it measures roughly 16x16 inches. It is very big to be considered medium, but I LOVE IT! I love the red trim, it's classy:tup:
  9. Glad to find one person happy. I like shoulder bags, so I was really torn w/ how short the Sac and the bucket straps were on this line. Found one I liked the other day at Macy's but didn't get to inspect it as I had family w/ me. I know the sales clerks probably think I am insane sitting inspecting the black and white stripes.. lmao
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