Anyone own the white hampton hobo #117?

  1. I know this is an older bag, about 05, I have the black one #116, and I LOVE it, it's my staple bag. Now I need a white one and figured this would be a good other staple bag but 116 is a bit small so I thought I would go bigger. Does anyone own this purse, if so, do you still use it, is it hard to take care of and do you have any pictures of you wearing it? Thank you so much for any advice.
  2. i remember the white one was in the outlet last year, right?
  3. I have the #116 in white and it's a PITA to keep clean. I've only used it a few times in the year that I've owned it and it's already looking a little dirty. I would not recommend the white as an everyday bag, it's really not meant to take that kind of use, IMO. I pretty much baby this bag and the fact that it looks the way it does really upsets me!
  4. Baby wipes don't work? I heard from many people that babywipes will clean them really well. I tried it with mine and it looks great, but it's also black.