Anyone own the Sasha Mini?

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  1. Hey there botkier fans. Anyone own the sasha mini? I just ordered it in black patent but haven't seen it in person. I own other botkiers (sophie, bianca, bryant) but wanted something smaller than those for everyday use when I don't have much to carry. Anyway, just curious if anyone has it. I wanted something new and cute for the spring!!! :yahoo:
  2. I bought it for myself, but found it a wee bit too small, so my mom bought it from me. She's very petite, so it was perfect for her! It is very cute and perfect for the Spring. I think it still will hold a decent amount- nothing the size of a magazine though. Hope you like it. Post pics when it comes!
  3. hi jen. oh i'm 5'9" so i'm not petite at all. maybe it will look ridiculous and tiny on me. :hrmm: did you get it in the black patent? that's what i ordered. ok, will let you know when it comes. thanks!!!
  4. Modelina, I got it in the pink lambskin from Nordstrom. I was looking for a small bag, but it was smaller than what I thought... I am thinking that the small size will be better for me, so when it comes in the pink I will probably order it. Everyone though has different preferences. I am sorry I said anything, as I don't want to disappoint you!
  5. oh no..don't worry about it!! you are too sweet. the pink looks good, too, but i don't wear pink that much so i thought the black patent would be more versatile. i have the bianca bella clutch and i don't think it could be smaller than that, so i should be ok. i wanted something a little bigger than the clutch. i'll let you know when it comes in. the store just called and said they will ship it monday (I guess it's on order). can't wait! let me know when you get your small and if you are happy with it! have a great day!!! :smile:
  6. I bought it and returned's away too small and the patent leather does not really stratch..I like the shape..I will go just one size bigger...
  7. pallas, thanks. is it bigger than the botkier bella clutch? i hope so...i'll let you know when i get and let you know if it's too small.
  8. Hi modelina,
    I own two sasha mini (pink and black patent) and I love them! If you don't carry a lot of stuff, it's a perfect everyday bag.
    I use it in hobo style and put wallet, cosmetic bag, cellphone, keys, small note book and a mint and it still has a room. The patent leather is very soft and squishy unlike cheaper stiff patent leather.
    If you are looking for small bag, I think it's perfect!
  9. Hi all, I got the Sasha mini last week in white snake. It was super cute and the size was perfect for me because I am petite. Everything that I usually carry around in my balenciaga city and Marc by Marc Jacobs Groovee bag all fit in it fine. If i knew how to post pics, i would. my one beef about getting a white bag (its my first white) that i wear a lot of dark denim and i have to be careful not to let my bag rub on my jeans! oh well, I love it!:jammin:
  10. hey max. thanks! i can't wait to get it. :smile: oh, i just see that techstep likes it because she's petite, too. hmm....max, are you petite, too? oh well! i don't mind looking like the giant with the mini bag i guess. hehe. will keep you posted.
  11. Saw this at Saks the other day and it is tiny and I am 5'3". I have the large and it is not too big.
  12. oh wow. now i'm worried. purseonal, you are 5'3" and it's tiny for you? i ordered mine awhile ago but it was on order and is supposed to arrive this week. i guess i could always use it as a wallet? haha. :girlsigh: will keep you posted.
  13. Can you please take a modeling pic when you get it? I'm really thinking about getting one too but i'm 5'6..
  14. sure, will do. i'm even taller, 5' 9" , so that's why i'm thinking it might be too small. i've seen the small and the large sizes and they are adorable but i want something even smaller since i have a bunch of the medium sizes botkiers.
  15. Bay, I just posted some modeling pics of the Sasha mini in a thread I started (Good news/Bad news re: my first Botkier) . I'm 4'11 1/2.