Anyone own the Loeffler Randall Snake Embossed Matilde?

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  1. I was so lucky I just ordered these snake Matildes on on sale :biggrin: For those that own them, do the "scales" peel off at all? I can't tell whether it is a print on the leather or actual pieces of scale to look like snake skin. I assume the quality is top notch as with other LRs... but just wanted to check.

    Thanks!!! :smile:
  2. Can you post a picture?
  3. Very pretty! I briefly ordered (and returned) a pair of Ramona snap pumps in that style of leather. I remember thinking the leather quality was good. The shoe was too narrow and that's why it went back. Lovely boots.
  4. ^^Thanks for your reply Pishi! Yes, I would expect that the quality of the leather is very good but thanks for confirming.

    PS I was very very close to ordering the Ramonas as well (in grey leather from Shopbop) - but glad I didn't as I have wide-ish feet!
  5. I found the sizing to be really weird for me. I ended up having to go down half a size, but even then it didn't fit properly. I think the boots fit better.