Anyone own the inclusion speedy in BERRY or WHITE?

  1. hi everyone,

    I was on the LV website and noticed that they have the speedy inclusion key ring in four, beige (which many of you PF members own) and also in White and Berry! I have never seen the keyring in these two colors and they are BEAUTIFUL!! I'm not sure if this topic has been brought up...but I can't find anything in the search. Are these two colors rare? They are gorgeous and I was wondering if any of you have em and can share pics! thanks for reading!!
  2. I have only seen the black and beige ones. I want to see the white and berry one!! :nuts:
  3. ooohhh.. they're pretty!!!
  4. they are SOOOOO pretty go to the LV website under jewelry!!!! I didn't know they had these colors! now I really want one! I want the white!!!
  5. Oh thanks! I couldn't find them at all for the past 15 min!!
  6. I went under "jewelry" and went thru all the categories and still don't see it! :shrugs::sad:
  7. Try to search by inclusion... it will bring up the Inclusion Speedy Keychain! I, too, love the white! And they have white and berry rings too... but the keychain is the one I really love!
  8. sorry Irissy...I should have been more specific...go under scarves and accessories....then under fancy jewelry! you should find it there!
  9. yup yup!
  10. I FOUND IT!! :yahoo: Thanks ladies! I love the berry one!! :nuts::love: You think they sold out on the white and berry OR that these are the new ones coming up? I'm going to have ask my SA about it later.
  11. once you find out please let us all know! I think these may be new colors yah think??
  12. Ooooh! The white and the Berry are sooo cute!!! I want them both!:heart:
  13. New inclusions for the upcoming season would be exciting! :wlae:
    And Berry and White sounds gorgeous! :love:
  14. I guess they're new additions! I'll stop by LV this weekend and ask! I can't wait! sorry...just so excited!
  15. They're new . . . ps . . . the white isn't as much white as it is just clear, but they're still cool.

    If only there were an inclusion keepall keychain I'd get it for my Damier. :smile: