Anyone Own the Heritage Bracelet Watch?

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  1. The BF purchased this watch
    for me a few days ago and I love the way it looks, but when I picked it out I *assumed* it was Movado the other Coach watches that I’ve seen that I liked. YES, my fault for assuming.

    After he bought it and I tried it on I realized that it’s really Swiss Quartz. I don’t know who that is or if it’s even a company. I tried googling it and I came up with it meaning some type of movement.

    Anyway, where I’m going with this is, despite it being just gold plated and not even real gold, I thought the 498 was justified because it was Movado a well known name in watches, but if it’s just another watch that SAYS Coach and that’s why it’s 498, that doesn’t sit well with me.

    I’m posting hoping that someone who maybe has this watch or maybe is more knowledgeable about watches can tell me a bit more about it pros/cons maybe, help me justify the price.
    I’m totally new to watches and I’m thinking maybe I’m just missing something.

    I love the watch and I want to keep it, I just want to make sure the quality/product is worth the money.
  2. Okay nevermind.
    I called the 888 number and apparently all Coach watches are made by Movado even if the watch doesn't say it.
    That makes me feel a bit better.
    No one has responded, but thank you for letting me vent =)
  3. That is a beautiful watch, if you get a chance, can you take a picture of it on?