Anyone own the Hamptons Tattersall Suede Carryall?

  1. Does anyone else have this bag? How do you like it? How do you keep it clean?

    I just got this bag from the Outlets (yea, I'm banned but this couldn't be helped - I'd been searching for this one for months!) and since it's SUEDE, I was wondering what to use to "treat" it prior to using it. Also, what would I use as a suede cleaner, too, if I get stains on it, etc?

    I won't be using this purse as an everyday purse and I just LOVE the tattersall on this but I'm concerned about preserving the condition since it's all suede. I'd appreciate any suggestions on this!

    DSC01537_TPF.JPG DSC01553_TPF.JPG
  2. i have never seen that!
    its gorgeous though!

    i shouldn't have opened this thread. :sweatdrop:
  3. I wish I had that! It is so cute! Hopefully someonehas some advice! Congrats on the great bag!
  4. Wow! I don't have the answer to your question but that bag is GORGEOUS!! Congrats!
  5. I love this bag--great find at the outlet! I have a suede COACH bag as well and often wondered how I'm supposed to clean it.
  6. Thanks, everyone! Yea, I love this purse! I'd been searching for it since mid last year when Coach CS told me they were sold out, that they were Limited Editions only made at a particular time. So, I was pretty stoked when I heard about these hitting the Outlets recently. I had my sister (in Camarillo, Ca) go to her Outlet there to find out which Outlets had this and they found this one at the San Marcos, TX Outlet. My sis did a charge/send for me and had the Outlet send it directly to me. I just got it 2 days ago and I LOVE it!! Now, I just want to keep it looking like New! I just hope I can! *LOL*
  7. When I read "San Marcos" outlet, I thought you meant the Carlsbad Outlets in San Marcos, CA (north San Diego county) and I got all excited since I live 10 mins from the outlet there which also has COACH. Bummer. :sad: I was ready to head there on my way home!
  8. I'm sorry for misleading you like that. But you can go to your local Outlet and ask them to do a "search" for you. They'll try and locate the purse from any Outlet that is carrying it. Good luck!
  9. No worries! I'll see if they can find one for me. Can I ask how much it was? That will probably determine if I check or not! :smile:
  10. I got it for $319.99 + $24.96 tax + $10.00 shipping = totaled $354.95. Its style number is 11082. The Outlet said the original price was $539.00 (I'm not sure if that's Boutique price or full Outlet price before discounts). Mine came with a Dust Bag, too. And it's a LARGE carryall in size, it's approx. 14"-15"L x 9"H x 5"-6"D. eBay Sellers are selling it for around $400 - $450.00. I like the Outlet price better and I know it's authentic this way, too. Good luck in the search if you decide to get it!
  11. Cool! Thanks a bunch!
  12. Really???? I wanted one so bad but The Woodlands store only had the display and the "tannish" color just looked dirty to me so I got the tote instead. There is a suede protector they sell at the Walking Company that I used on the bottom of the scarf totes that had suede. That purse is TDF!
  13. I thought the same thing initially till I got it IRL now I actually don't mind the "tannish" color looking a bit dirty (I think it depends on how it's "brushed" or the angle/direction of the suede "brush"/hairs), I'm hoping the "tannish" color would disguise any light dirt! *lol* But thanks for the suede protector suggestion. Can I access the Walking Company online? I want to get some kind of protection onto the suede as soon as possible.

    I almost purchased the Tote because I just love that Tattersall pattern but I realized how large the Tote would be and I really wouldn't have any use for it. It is a gorgeous Tote though!!!
  14. There is a thread with Coach FAQ that talks about cleaning suede.
  15. I did read through that but I'm actually looking for ideas of "treating" the suede prior to usage (like with some sort of "protectant" that wouldn't discolor the suede over time) so I wouldn't have to "clean" it so often. The Coach FAQ didn't have anything on that unfortunately.

    I'll keep checking around. Thanks for your suggestion though!