Anyone Own "The Find" bags? Please share your input!

  1. I just purchased one on eBay and was wondering if I should be suffering any remorse..?? I should have asked before taking the plunge, but the bag was just $100 (I am hoping it was well spent). If you could share your opinion regarding quality, lining material, and anything else about "The Find" bags I would really appreciate it!
  2. I'm afraid I've never heard of them, do you have a link? :smile:
  3. I've heard of them. My mom owns a few bags from then that are really nice! They sell on one of those television shopping shows. I'm thinking either Shop NBC or HSN.
  4. My mom has a couple but never uses them. She had to send one back once because it was missing a stone on the buckle. :push:
    They're available on Shop NBC:|t330&prop=The%20Find|916&catprop=916&cm_re=NAV-_-The%20Find-_-N
  5. Yes thank you! I just found them on ShopNBC! Funny that most of the styles there are not quite my style! *sigh* I hope this one has no studs missing... (there are no stones on mine, lol)! I'll post some pics - the pic on the eBay auction isn't the greatest... I feel like I've purchased a mystery package! :smile:
  6. i've watched the woman who supposedly "designs" them on HSN, I think.. she has a crazy funny accent... mostly i find her bags are overpriced... or tackylooking.. but there is an occasional decent design that comes by
  7. ^Actually from hearing her talk one the shows, she has designed for more high end brands/designers. But they're never allowed to say which one so I'm not sure who it was.
  8. Lol good luck! :tup: