anyone own the cite mm?

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  1. what are your thoughts on the bag????
  2. i used to LOVE this bag!! i saw so many people carrying it when i went back to japan to visit .....

    i gave it away to one of my employees(at the time, and it was still almost brand-new!!) as a bonus! to be honest..... I MISS IT!
  3. I have the big cite... It just sits in its box and waits. I never use it
  4. I was considering this bag a while back but since it didnt seem to be very popular I didnt get it...but i still want it
  5. It's really mom has the GM and I borrow it sometimes. I'd get it if you's definitely not one you see all the time :yes:
  6. It looks like such a cute bag and it can be carried on the shoulder. No bags for now but, I may add it too my list of potential future bags. Right now I have 4 mono canvas bags and do not want to tire of mono canvas so I better stay away from it...thanks everyone for your input and feedback on the bag..