Anyone own the Chelsea White Optic Satchel and Wallet

  1. I won a White Optic and leather satchel with a matching wallet on eBay last week. It came today, insured from the post office. I was not at home, so I have to wait until Monday, eeeek, I hate that. They will deliver it then. I had loved it in the store and it sold out very quickly. This one is new with tags from the outlet with the wallet. I hope it is beautiful . I do have the receipt just in case I do not find it comfortable hand carried. I do not own any satchels at all. Loved the legacy white, but that hardware was too heavy. I hope this one is pretty for summer. Any one who has is and likes it, please let me know. Thanks!!! Have a great rest of the weekend ladies!!!!! :yes:
  2. I dont have it but would love to see it could you post pics please?
  3. Can't wait for your pics!!!
  5. Voodoo, I would like to see it too LOL will show you a pic of it from eBay.

  6. Ooo! So cute!
    Im sure youll love it. ;]
  7. I think the white optic is TDF!!!! Absolutely stunning! ENJOY them and post pics of the bag ON when you get them!!!
  8. Update: This satchel is absolutely perfect and beautiful, but the two zippers that meet in the middle get stuck, on the way up the sides of the satchel until they meet tab to tab at the center of the bag. They are not broken, it is just hard to zip. I usually have had only one zipper on a bag and never had two that were so hard to pull together. I did put soap on it as the Coach store said, plain dry soap to lubricate the teeth. That is not working. Any suggestions? Such a great bag, wonder if that is why it ended up at the outlet....
  9. Beautiful bag! I love the white optic!:drool:
  10. It is a great bag, I love the satiny classy white on white too. Wish that zipper was easier to pull. Well I will just have to deal with it for beauty's sake..:tup:
  11. Hellow Hannah, I like that name!! Yes, it is sold out in the stores and so cute...thank!!!! Here in FL, we can wear winter white all year. We sweatm but we can wear white...LOL:yahoo: