anyone own the cerf AND medallion?

  1. I'm just wondering if they are too similair???? I'm thinking about returning my white flap that I haven't used yet and getting more of a practical bag. I already have the cerf but have recently started to look at the medallion. Would you have both in your collection? Opinions please!!!! ;)
  2. Oh my gosh, I would def get both! They are different enough to get both and you could rock the cerf during the day and the medallion at night!

    I would go for it! Those are my two major lusts right now for Chanel!!! :heart::heart::heart:
  3. got the medallion in navy blue, which doubles as a black bag as the color is ver dark. love love love it.
  4. I don't think they're similar at all really.

    The Medallion is a little too stiff, hard to fit comfortably on my shoulder and hard to get into for me personally, but lots of people love it. Go for it!
  5. i have both and loving them!!!! they're two different bags. i use the cerf tote mostly for travel though. Go for it.
  6. Ok - so I may be biased cuz I totally love flaps... but given you already got the petite shopper (so a more "tote" bag with the Chanel quilting in black) I'd seriously consider keeping the white flap (as I don't think you have anything else white?) or if you do want to get something more practical - perhaps another style or the medallion in a different colour?

    Have you fallen out of love with the white flap? Cuz returning it would be a shame as it looks really amazing on you! Do you think perhaps you haven't used it yet as it's now transitioning into the fall? (not sure where you live so not sure if it's starting to get cooler for you or not...) Is it the white or is it the size that makes you grab for another one of your Chanels all the time?
  7. IMO, you could never have too many totes. The cerf and the medallion are two totally different totes. If you love the medallion, you should go for it!
  8. The only reason why I would nay the medallion is because I think I remember you saying that you wanted a GST eventually.. and I prefer the GST to the medallion. Also I LOVE the white flap and I was so inspired by your collection that I am not only purchasing the white flap but also the black east west with the new chain. :biggrin:
  9. I have the GST and will be getting a cerf tote when the dark brown arrives to Nordstrom (hurry up cerf tote!!). The medallion and GST are very similar so no, it is fine to own both styles... they are very different... one is quilted, the other non-quilted, one is more casual/sporty, the other more elegant/classy. Both can be dressed up or down.

    My s/a sent me photos of the beige and dark bordeaux medallion and both are gorgeous! I wish I could buy the medallion and cerf but alas, funds will not allow it.
  10. Oh it's so sad, no I haven't fallen out of love with the flap, I just got tired of not using it! It's beautiful, I lOVE the size. I guess I just got around to thinking I was wasting the money and should put it towards a tote because I KNOW I'll use it. makes sense?
  11. Yeah I am constantly changing my mind, no more GST for me and I am probably selling my zipped classic tote and who knows what I'll end up doing with the 2 flaps. I may be going thru a quarter life crisis. :roflmfao: I'm so excited your getting both flaps, they will look amazing on you!