Anyone own the Carnet de Bal in MC?

  1. Pick on eluxury under small leather goods...what does it look like inside?? I hate that they do not show the interior!!!!
  2. Sooo cute!!

    What do you use it for though? Business cards?
  3. I almost bought one to use it as a card holder.
  4. I have a white one

    I use it for extra cards I dont use often.
    IMG_1593.jpg IMG_1599.jpg IMG_1592.jpg
  5. Soooooo cute!!!

    I wonder what else it could be used for??
  6. I used mine as a card holder.
  7. Thank you so much for the is quite nice...
  8. I love the Carnet de bal. But how come they don't sell it on eLuxury anymore? while I can still see that on LV Uk website. You know where to buy it?

    $200 is acceptable to me. I want to use it as my wedding planner. Do you think it has enough space for that? :confused1:
  9. probably too small for wedding planner, size of a cc
  10. This one is a tiny address book, you'd need an agenda for that.
    Also, you should probably start a new thread to ask your question since this is an older thread and the links posted no longer work.
  11. That small? Thanks for the info, you guys~
  12. ^^Yeah the picture Bag Fetish posted helps to see the size since she's holding it open:
  13. I love this item.