Anyone own the Botkier Emily?

  1. Hi ladies,
    i just ordered the Botkier Emily in Vachetta, I am trying to get a handle on the color BGs and Neiman's says it's brown but it looks almost honey color, does anyone know about this bag. Is vachetta the color or the type of leather. :confused1: I think it's really cute can't tell if it's absolutely huge though, any thoughts anyone?
  2. I don't know about the vachetta - I have it in white - but I can tell you that it is not huge and it is indeed super cute. It's actually a really good size - it would make a great work or school bag.
  3. Thanx for your info, have you had yours for a while? how does the leather hold up and is the quality nice. This will be my first Botkier.
  4. I haven't had any real issues with either of my Botkiers. I have a Bianca and a Trigger. On my Bianca one of the stitches in the knot that holds the tassel on broke but the tassel is still knotted to the bag and you really can't tell (it's just one tiny stick in the color of the bag). Leather and linings have held up well for both bags.
  5. Taking a look at the pic you posted it looks a lot like another Botkier color called Hazelnut. I had a Trigger satchel I had bought and returned in that color. It was a honey colored tan with some orange hues to it. It looked nice but I returned it because it came with gold hardware and I thought it would be silver when I ordered it.