Anyone own/owned a Frankie?

  1. I'm trying to decide which Kooba bag to buy as my first. There are so many beautiful styles. One I'm looking at is the Frankie. If you've used one, can you let me know what you liked or didn't like about it.
  2. I'm pretty sure if you do a search here on the forum, lots will come up about the pros and cons about the Frankie. I personally have never owned one...I think it might be a tad small for me, but they're sooo cute in raisin IMO....:tup::heart:
  3. I had one. It is one of the most unique Koobas as it has 3 sections. It's a handheld only duffle and is a little heavy but a really neat bag. Only about 8 inches high but the sections are pretty roomy. Hard to find one nowdays.
  4. I've always been intriqued by the Frankie. All those sections are so unique. One point to remember is that it's a handheld bag and doesn't fit on the shoulder. I love the look of it in the pebbled leather - especially the bourbon. A beautiful bag.

  5. It has always appealed to me, too. However, I'm not so sure that I would use it very often so for that reason only, I've decided to pass for now. Watch, I'll probably change my mind when they are impossible to find.
  6. I believe I might be the only one here who stills owns a Frankie, mine is in bourbon.

    It is the most unique of all my Koobas because of the divided sections.

    I will probably always keep mine as it was the first Kooba to catch my interest from afar. I HAD to have that bag.

    I carry it about once per month, for a day or two, for old time's sake. It is not the easiest bag to carry because it is only handheld. I find it plenty big enough, but then again, I tend to buy small to medium sized bags. I use one section for my wallet, keys and cell. The other section stores my makeup bag and granola bar. I have yet to put anything in the tiny middle section.

    What I like most is the unique design and the fact no one carries it, it is truly special for that reason alone.

    I am not sure I would want a Frankie as my sole Kooba. A Jillian or Jessie fits the bill better for that seat. But if you simply LOVE hand held satchels and that is the type of bag you are consistantly drawn to, a Frankie might work great.
    Frankie-06-2.JPG Frankie-inside-2.JPG
  7. Thank you all for the very helpful reviews. I was drawn to this bag because it is very similar in design to my Hayden-Harnett Mercer Triple C. I love that bag BUT the two outside compartments are held with a magnet and it often falls open and doesn't always conceal the contents. The Frankie zippers would solve that problem. Unfortunately I can't deal with a strictly handheld bag. I have three little boys and really need ten hands! :nuts:
  8. I understand about that Mercer Satchel. What a pretty bag and PITA!!! It always flopped open. The Frankie is the perfect solution for that problem but it is only handheld so pretty restrictive.
  9. hi ladies- i haven't been here in a while. i am upto 4 koobas now...I got a Frankie in raisin about a month ago. Here are pics.
    frankie1.JPG frankie2.JPG frankie3.JPG frankie4.JPG
  10. Savvydoc, that's a gorgeous raisin Frankie. Such a unique bag. Love it.
  11. Definitely a gorgeous bag! Quite the eye catcher :smile:
  12. ohhhh....savvydoc...your bag is amazing!!!
  13. thanks ladies... guess what- my brother thought that the bag looked like a reptile...i was sooo upset. I was almost going to send it back last month but decided to keep it!!
  14. Lovely raisin Frankie doc!
  15. Well that's a good sign Savvydoc.... reptile bags cost a fortune! Take it as a compliment. If it was meant any other way, close your ears. You have a great bag there.