Anyone own or have information on ASPREY??

  1. Hi! I have just been on the Asprey website and I really, really, REALLY like some (many) of their leather bags...

    Does anyone here own one or know any of the company's history??

    Thanks for your help! :heart:
  2. They go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back with the royalty of Great Britain, and they make amazing stuff. If you buy something, you should be put on their mailing list, and the catalogs are to die for. The prices are high, as you'd expect, but the quality is as well.
  3. I love Asprey. I chased them down, a few years ago, because I so loved a bag that I'd seen photographed. It ended up being terribly expensive, though, and not easily available.

    But they are a lovely brand. If you go on the Harrods website, you can browse a few of the styles, as well -- Harrods is selling a few of the pieces online.
  4. Hi there:

    I know Aspreys very well. Started off by the family of the same name and only recently I think has it left the family (John & Edward were the senior partners).

    They are of impeccable quality - and there is also another place you may like to try:


    William Asprey is John Asprey's son and he has started off his own luxury line. Beautiful, beautiful things - and some fabulous leather luxury goods.

    Try the site - it's worth a visit.

    I have one of their handbags.... yummy of you can't quite reach to the kelly bag original.... :sweatdrop:

    Ostrich & Horse Hair "Kelly" Style Handbag

    Have fun!

  5. I too have been a bit curious about Asprey. A few years ago I saw this bag modeled by Keira Knightley and thought it was gorgeous. :love:

  6. Yes, I admit I was originally looking at Hermes Kellys BUT I really do not like the double ring they brought in after 2000 and I wouldn't buy a second-hand one from before 2000.

    So then I found Asprey and I REALLY love their bags (mostly the 167)

    May I see a picture of your handbag? Also, do you know how much the 167 is in alligator??

  7. Plus Asprey the company is older than Hermes by about 100 years!
  8. The shape...similar to Hermes JPG.
  9. I have an Asprey lizard clutch (vintage) its fabulous. I paid about £300 for several years ago & have never regretted it for a second. Its a truely stunning bag & everyone compliments me on it. (and tries to borrow it)

    the quality is exceptional & I have no doubt it will last another 50 years.

    I highly, highly recommend Asprey. Subtle understated styling with top quality materials. Can you go wrong?