Anyone own or have a pic of these Chanel sunglasses? (hidden logo in side hinge)

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I need some help. I saw a pair of Chanel sunglasses at the boutique and can't remember what they looked like lol. I was wondering if anyone owns this particular pair and can take a pic for me to see them on.

    I saw them in black and also in a gray type color with a green tinge at the bottom. They are a round type shape and have a simple CHANEL on the outside of each arm. Inside the hinge on each side is the double c logo in silver. It's hidden so you only see the logo when they are folded close. I think they are $365 or $385....

    Anyone know which ones I am describing and anyone have a pic? :confused1:

    TIA! :tup:
  2. anyone?