Anyone own one of these new Hayden-Harnett bags?

  1. Hi there,
    Does anyone own one of these HH styles below, or seen in real life? I already have 3 HH styles (plum Havana, chocolate catalina, and black mercer clutch), and I'm officially obsessed! :smile:. I love these styles but curious about your thoughts, especially if any of you own or have seen them.

    Suki ladybag:

    Mimi patent shoulder bag:

    I've also been eyeing this mercer satchel for a while, and it's on sale now at blondette:

    Thanks for your feedback!
  2. The Mercer satchel is a fabulous bag! It's an incredibly functional and well designed bag, and the leather and styling are tops. I also recently purchased the Hudson satchel, which is also a winner. The Suki is the next HH bag on my Want It! list.
  3. i don't own any or seen any IRL but i've been wanting an HH havana. i posted a similar thread. anyway, i do like the first one a lot!! wish it came in more colors.
  4. oooh, i like this :

    i wish they're taller though :sad:
  5. The Mercer looks really cute
  6. the mercer satchel is an awesome bag. If you get it in a versatile color, like the luggage or black, you'll probably use and love that bag forever
  7. I think the Suki is adorable, I'd love to see real-life pics of it!
  8. Ah thanks ladies. Oh now I can't decide between the suki or the satchel-- leaning towards the satchel for practicality. Has anyone ordered from Blondette before? How is CS? I would prefer to order direct from hh, but blondette seems to have the better price on the satchel.
  9. I've ordered from Blondette before and their customer service is okay. The only problem I had with them is if you want to return something, they only give you a store credit, not a refund, so make sure it's a bag you like or that they have other items you like.
  10. If you are not stuck with the luggage color you may check out Luna Boston ( They have the Mercer satchel in black, chalk, ink, amethyst, and gray. And if you use the code 'grechen' you get 20% off, which gives the same price as Blondett. They have free shipping with any order, and their customer service is simply one of the best.
  11. I love the mercer satchel! I have it in chocolate, which I've only seen on their site, but it's incredibly versatile, and it can hold a lot! The suki is cute too, though a little too structured for me. Good luck with your purchase!
  12. That is good to know about blondette; I think I'd rather pay a bit more to order from a site that would give a refund if I didn't love the bag. So now I am choosing between colors:

    the luggage color:

    or grey:
  13. I had the luggage. The leather on the luggage is velvety soft and almost clothlike. The downside of this is that it will show marks and stains more easily. The grey looks to be more like the leather on the black and chalk (both of which I have), which is soft but with a slight sheen, and doesn't show marks easily. I'm making this guess from the pic, not having actually seen the grey IRL.
  14. I have the Mercer clutch in the limited-edition blue leather with the kimono-print fabric inset. Gorgeous bag. The only thing I don't love about it is that the rings on the shoulder strap can dig into your shoulder if your don't place the bag just so. Didn't stop me from keeping it, though.
  15. Can you post some pics? Thanks!