Anyone own one of the Metallic colours?

  1. I think I am just about to finalise a purchase of one and wondered who else had ones? Any pics would be greatly appreciated.

    I am so excited.
  2. i used to have one in red metallic mini twiggy.
    sold it long time ago in eBay because it's too small for me and i actually can't take care of the metallic well, so i'd rather sell it to someone who'll take good care of it :p
  3. oooh.. LOVE metallic bbags! If you look at the "wearing your bbag" thread - there's pics of PFers with their metallics!

    I'm at work so I don't have access to my pics, but I own a pewter and if you want a look see - if you search in Bal forum for threads started by me - you'll probably see a thread from the day I first got my pewter first!

    An interesting metallic to check out is decophile's gold metallic city. BEAUTIFUL!
  4. Seahorse that was a lovely bag - what was so difficult on it to maintain? excuse my ignorance as I am new to the world of Balenciaga
  5. Jadecee

    THanks so much - will go and check that out. Sorry I am a newbie onto the Balenciaga boards.

  6. I have a Bronze First & 04 Pewter First:
  7. Cassidy they are gorgeous. Are they difficult to maintain?
  8. Not more than any other bag !
  9. that was from holiday edition where the hardware dyed to match the leather colour... but the dye is actually not too good, so in times, the red sdratched off from the hardware and i can't stand the look of it :p

    also the metallic leather can rub off easily too.
  10. Oh, secret, you've picked the perfect day to ask! I'm carrying my silver city today.
  11. And here is the antique gold part time that saich helped me get from Selfridges.

    I love metallics! Also have the metallic spy, as you may know. Love, love, love them!!

  12. Loving all the metallics girls!!

    Sam, metallic BBags are gorgeous! The leather is TDF and I think they are a little more special, especially since the hardward normally matches!! Let us know what you decide and post pics!!;)
  13. What metallic colour and style are you getting secretshopaholic? I think they are really cute and great for the party season!
  14. No pics to post (yet) but I have an adorable 05 silver box, with an 05 silver first on the way. Love the Balenciaga metallic bags! I don't find them any harder to take care of than any other bags. Good luck! :yes:
  15. The metallics look so pretty, something special about them!

    I think you should go for it!:graucho: