Anyone own Multipli-cite? Is it HUGE??

  1. I have always liked the look of this bag, though while in stores, I have never checked it out. Is it HUGE? TOO HUGE??

  2. it's a large bag with lots of structure; it always felt like i had a lunch box under my arm, so i gave it to a friend.

    i used mine for college; it held my laptop, books, and notebooks.

    be careful what you put inside it, because the ruby suede will rub off onto almost everything: multicolor LV items, papers, etc. it ruined my mc wallet.
  3. I just got one via a MPRS on eBay and I love it! It is big, but not unmanageable-I'm 5'6" and it looks nice, its no longer than my Tivoli GM. I have a 3 yr old so I need room for our stuff, the outside pockets are nice for things you need quickly or often, like my work I.D., gum, snacks for the princess, her little toys, her EpiPen for peanut allergy-just in case. So, yes, I really recommend it and I haven't had it long enough for it to tranfer color to anything so thanks, Hawaii, I'll be careful.
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  4. ....and we all know that Ashley Tisdale loves her's (it's all over the Celeb pic sticky)... never seen it in person... but it looks really cute in the pics! go for it!
  5. I think it's gorgeous. I love structured bags!
  6. It's large and a little heavy but sooo beautiful :tup:
  7. The Multipli-cite is FABULOUS!

  8. in pictures i didn't like this bag, but i saw it irl and i really, really did. the woman had it with her at a nice restaurant and it just looked good!