Anyone own more than 2 rolexes?

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  1. Is it silly to have lots of watches when you can only wear one at a time? It is not like pocketbooks or handbags which match a particular style/color outfit. Rolexes at least are a good investment cause they hold their value. But what number is too much? I have 2 - a ladies and a mid-size. Lately I've been admiring an air-king which I think is a little bigger than the mid-size. Part of me says - "I'm nuts" and I should get it out of my mind. The other part keeps looking at pictures of this watch and also trying on. What is your opinion?
  2. I have 3. All ladies sizes: 2 datejusts and one yachtmaster. I also have a Cartier gents size roadster.

    I switch my watches almost daily!
  3. FlgirlFM - are your rolexes on a winder when not in use? What color faces are they?
  4. I have two and am working on my 3rd. However, I have more watches than I care to admit here. I consider them like jewelry. I've got a couple of Cartiers, Franck Muller, a couple of Chanel, David Yurman, Chopard, and the list goes on. I usually switch my watch on a weekly basis.
  5. ssc0619- Do you know which style will be your 3rd?
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    OMG - more than 2 rolex watches! I would love to be in that situation.

    If it makes you happy - why not!

    Vic Beckham has over 100 Hermes Birkins. So what. If it makes her happy! Power to her!

    You only get 1 chance at life!
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    If you can afford it, more than 2 is fine!

    These days I only buy pre-owned (v. reputable resellers, I have a couple), so I can get a few more than if new.

    I have 6

    Like sc, I have quite few more, ranging from Invicta to Movado to an old (bought it new in ~1996) Matelasse small Chanel, a Baume et Mercier, and a some others not $$$, not big name. I love watches more than jewelry! I pretty much switch watches daily.
  8. I have 2 Rolexes and of course others as well
  9. Yes, I keep mine on a winder when not in use.

    My jubilee datejust is two tone, and has a gold dial
    My oyster datejust is two tone, and has a slate dial
    My Yachtmaster is also two tone, and has a dark blue dial

    I also wear my husband's Seadweller now and again!
  10. I'm probably in the minority here, but I have own only one Rolex. I made sure to select the one I loved to death and which I knew would make me happy for years to come (Ladies size solid white Gold DateJust, Presidential band /hidden clasp with a diamond bezel and dial). Having gotten my Rolex fix I moved on to acquiring other jewelry without wanting more watches.
  11. i have a yellow gold daytona with black dial
    and my mom's vintage yellow gold oyster perpetual

    i feel like a white gold rolex will complete the collection, though i do wear gold most of the time, i need a watch that will match silver.
  12. I used to have a problem with owning more than one watch. To me, it seemed excessive. But I have no problem with lots of earrings, necklaces, rings, shoes, purses, etc. So my concern seems a bit illogical.

    I always swore I would never have more than one watch and I had just my Cartier quartz and I wore it every day. With a black strap and white face, it went with everything and I was very happy. But one day I started dreaming of Rolex and I could not let it go. Now I have a WG ladies size Rolex and I love both of my watches. I wear the Rolex for two days and the Cartier on the third day. This schedule keeps the Rolex running.

    Will I ever buy another watch? Not an expensive one, maybe a costume jewelry one. I would feel bad if I could not keep my automatic running with enough wear time.
  13. I thought I did, but am back to the drawing board. I wanted a date (34mm--I like big!)--stainless and yellow gold with diamond markers. BUT, I found out the date doesn't come in the two toned. I had originally thought I would get the datejust 36mm, but am afraid it is too big! I don't know why because I have some huge watches (I've got a 43mm Maurice LaCroix--it is a monster)!!

    These are the two I have now.. the pearlmaster was meant to be a very dressy looking watch, and the other a casual knock around style that I got pre-owned.

  14. What do you think of air-king? I believe it is 34mm. I already have a 2-tone ladies for dress and an ss mid-size for everyday. I also have a white plain 38mm J12. I was dreaming last night about a black 33mm j12 with diamond markers or an air-king. I just don't know if I want a 4th automatic watch. At least the 33mm j12 is quartz.
  15. i love the airking and im eyeing the 34 with diamond markers and roman #. its casual but yet it has a bit of bling to it. im considering the one with pink face and SS oyster band. the dial btw, is fluted.